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What is Xeomin® and How Does It Work?

Xeomin® is a premier brand name for an injectable medication containing the active ingredient incobotulinumtoxinA, making it a top choice for anti-aging in Atlanta, GA. It’s recognized for its use in cosmetic and therapeutic purposes to reduce wrinkles and treat certain medical conditions like muscle spasms. By temporarily relaxing muscle activity in the treated area, Xeomin® contributes to a smoother appearance or relief from muscle-related symptoms, solidifying its position as a leading solution for those seeking anti-aging treatments in Atlanta.

Areas Commonly Treated with Xeomin®:

In Atlanta, Xeomin® has become a sought-after treatment for addressing a myriad of cosmetic concerns, underscoring its efficacy and versatility in the aesthetic field. This injectable is particularly effective in smoothing forehead lines and providing a non-surgical brow lift, creating a more youthful and alert appearance. It also targets glabellar lines, commonly referred to as the “11’s”, and softens periorbital lines or “crow’s feet” around the eyes, diminishing the signs of aging.

For those troubled by nasalis lines or “bunny lines” on the nose, Xeomin® offers a solution, along with the reduction of the masseter muscle for jawline contouring and facial slimming. Additionally, it tackles platysmal or vertical neck bands, enhancing the neck’s appearance, and addresses perioral or “smoker’s lines” around the lips. Chin pitting or “orange peel skin” and a “gummy” smile can also be corrected, improving facial aesthetics significantly. Beyond its cosmetic applications, Xeomin® provides relief for individuals suffering from hyperhidrosis or excessive underarm perspiration, showcasing its comprehensive benefits for enhancing both beauty and comfort.

These treatments highlight Xeomin® as a versatile option for addressing a range of cosmetic enhancements and anti-aging in Atlanta, GA.

What To Do Beforehand?

For those preparing for a Xeomin® treatment in Atlanta, it is recommended to:

  • Take acetaminophen for headaches or minor pain as it does not thin the blood.
  • Avoid alcohol consumption for 48 hrs prior to treatment.
  • Eat fresh pineapple (contains Bromelain) 1-2 days prior to injection.
  • Take Arnica supplements 1-2 days prior to injection.

These steps can help ensure the best possible outcome from your Xeomin® session in Atlanta.

What To Expect During Treatment

During a Xeomin® treatment session in Atlanta, a healthcare professional will administer the medication through a series of small injections into the targeted muscles or areas. The procedure is quick and minimally painful, often without the need for anesthesia, making it a convenient option for those seeking effective anti-aging solutions in Atlanta, GA.

What Is the Aftercare?

Aftercare for Xeomin® treatment in Atlanta includes:

  • Not wearing makeup or washing your face for 2 hours after.
  • Not lifting heavy objects or going to the gym for 24hrs post.
  • Not rubbing/touching treated areas.
  • Avoiding alcohol/blood thinners for 24 hrs post.

Following these guidelines can help maximize the benefits of your Xeomin® treatment. See our full list of tips for aftercare here.

The Results

Results from Xeomin® treatments in Atlanta typically become visible within a week and can last between three to four months. To maintain the desired effects, follow-up injections are often recommended.


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Besides loving the actual treatment, her prices are phenomenal and she’s also a beautiful person inside and out. We always have a nice chat when I come in and she is never in any rush with you. I feel well taken care of each and every time. If you’re thinking about seeing her, stop thinking and do it! You can easily set up an appointment online or through the super convenient Salon Lofts app.”
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